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85.  Plant-plant and plant-soil interactions under drought and the presence of invasive buffelgrass (Cenchrus ciliaris)

Biological Invasions  DOI: 10.1007/s/10530-023-03245-7
Rudolph J, Gornish ES
Barberan A

84.  Dryland rock detention structures increase herbaceous vegetation cover and stabalize shrub cover over 10 years but do not directly affect soil fertility

Science of the Total Environment   Accepted
Ossanna LQR, Gugliermo J, Miller M, Davis R, Gornish ES



83. Convergence and divergence in science and practice of urban and rural forest restoration

Biological Reviews   99: 295-312
Romanelli J, Piana M, Klaus V, Brancalion P, Murcia C, Cardou F, Wallace K, Adams C, Martin P, Burton P, Diefenderfer H, Gornish ES, Stanturf J, Beyene M, Santos JR, Rodrigues R, Cadotte M

82. Changes in plant species dominance maintain community biomass production under warming and precipitation addition in temperate steppe in Inner Mongolia, China

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 341: 109671
Wan Z, Ganjurjav H, Gu R, Hu G, Gornish ES, Chun X, Zhou H, Gao Q

81. Dominant species determine grazing effects on the stability of herbaceous community production at multiple scales in drylands

Journal of Applied Ecology 60: 1917-1928
Zuo X, Gornish ES, Koerner S, van der Plas F, Wang S, Liang M

80. Youth engagement in ecological restoration 

Restoration Ecology 31: e13916
Lauman ST, Martyn TE, Begay MA, Hovanes K, Rodden I, Ossanna LQR, Gornish ES

79. Relationships between local-scale topography and vegetation and invasive C4 perennial bunchgrass (Pennisetum ciliare) size and reproductio

Invasive Plant Science and Management 16: 38-46
Hovanes K, Lien A, Baldwin E, Li YM, Franklin K, Gornish ES

​78. Functional traits are used in restoration practice: a response to Merchant et al. 2022

Restoration Ecology 31:e13880
Gornish ES, Campbell C, Svejcar L, Munson S, Vaughn K, Spaeth MK, Yelenik SG, Wolf A, Mitchell R

​77. Soil surface treatments and precipitation timing determine seedling development across southwestern USA restoration sites

Ecological Applications 33:e2834
Munson SM, Farrell HL, Butterfield BJ, Duniway MC, Faist AM, Gornish ES, Havrilla CA, Larios L, Reed SC, Rowe HI, Laushman KM, McCormick ML​

76. Pre-fire grazing and herbicide treatments can affect post-fire vegetation in a Great Basin rangeland

Ecological Solutions and Evidence 4:e12215
Gornish ES, Guo J, Porensky L, Perryman B, Leger EA



​75. Warming diminished the stability of primary productivity in global grass- and forb-dominated ecosystems

Environmental Research Communications 4:121006
Gao Q, Ganjurjav H, Hu G, Xu H, Schwartz MW, Gornish ES, Zhu W

​74. Efficacy of labile carbon addition to reduce fast-growing, exotic invasive plants: A review and meta-analysis

Journal of Applied Ecology 60: 218-228
Ossanna L, Gornish ES

​73. Efficacy of strip seeding to restore grassland plant communities

Restoration Ecology 31:e13822
Shaw J, Gornish ES, Roche LM

72. Granivorous ants prefer small and unprotected seeds - Implication for restoration in arid ecosystems

Restoration Ecology 31:e13759
Martyn T, Kwapich C, Kline A, Gornish ES

71. Warming tends to decrease ecosystem carbon and water use efficiency in dissimilar ways in an alpine meadow and a cultivated grassland in the Tibetan Plateau

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 323: 109079
Ganjurjav H, Hu G, Zhang Y, Gornish ES, Yu T, Gao Q

70. Warming and spring precipitation addition change plant growth pattern but have minor effects on growing season mean gross ecosystem productivity in an alpine meadow

Science of the Total Environment 841: 156712
Ganjurjav H, Hu G, Gornish ES, Zhang Y, Li Y, Wu H, Yan J, He S, Danjin L, Gao Q

69. Rock structures improve seedling establishment, litter catchment, fungal richness, and soil moisture in the first year after installation

Environmental Management 70: 134-145
Martyn T, Barberan A, Blankinship JC, Miller M, Yang B, Kline A, Gornish ES

68. UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration: key considerations for Africa

Restoration Ecology e13699
Nsikani M, Madikizela B, Geerts S, Anderson P, Peer N, Gornish ES, Mganga K

67. Restoring Palmer's agave in a Lemmann lovegrass dominated grassland in Southeastern Arizona

Restoration Ecology e13668
Gill A, Oliver JC, Kubby B, Fitting H, Gornish ES


66. Russian thistle control in California rangelands over five years

Invasive Plant Science and Management 15: 33-40
Rao D, Hovanes K, Smith E, Davy J, Gornish ES

65. Does restoration of plant diversity trigger concomitant soil microbiome changes in dryland ecosystems?

Journal of Applied Ecology 59: 560-573
Yang B, Balazs KR, Butterfield BJ, Laushman KM, Munson SM, Gornish ES, Barberan A

​64. Effects of buffelgrass removal and nitrogen addition on soil microbial communities during an extreme drought in the Sonoran Desert

Restoration Ecology 30: e13570
Williams JP, Gornish ES, Barberan A

63. Biotic and abiotic factors important for Palmer's agave restoration in Lehmann lovegrass dominated areas

Ecological Restoration 40: 36-43
Gil A, Fehmi J, Gornish ES


​62. Impacts of drought and native grass competition on Buffelgrass (Pennisetum ciliare)

Biological Invasions 24: 697-708
Farrell HL, Funk J, Law D, Gornish ES

61. The effects of site preparation equal to those of seeding at a dryland restoration site: 6 years of plant community development

Restoration Ecology e13482
Farrell HL, Fehmi J, Gornish ES

60. Sharing knowledge to improve ecological restoration outcomes

Restoration Ecology e13417
Gornish ES, McCormick M, Begay M, Nsikani MM

59. The divergent impact of phenology changing on productivity of alpine grassland to different timing of drought on Tibetan Plateau
Land Degradation & Development 32: 4033-4041
Hu G, Gao Q, Ganjurjav H, Wang Z, Luo W, Wu H, Li Y, Yan Y, Gornish ES, Schwartz MW, Wan Y, Li Y

58. Plant functional groups mediate the effects of climate and soil actors on species richness and community biomass on the Mongolian Plateau grasslands
Journal of Plant Ecology (Accepted)
Zijing L, Liang M, Li Z, Mariotte P, Tong X, Dong L, Zheng Y, Ma W, Zhao L, Wang L, Wen L, Tuvhintogtokh I, Gornish ES, Zhenhua D, Liang C, Li F

57. Shifts in plant composition mediate grazing effects on carbon cycling in grasslands
Journal of Applied Ecology 58: 518-527
Liang M, Smith NS, Chen J, Wu Y, Guo Z, Gornish ES, Liang C

56. Phenological changes offset the warming effects on biomass production in an alpine meadow on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Journal of Ecology  109: 1014-1025
Ganjurjav H, Gornish ES, Hu G, Wu J, Wan Y, Li Y, Gao Q

55. Identifying restoration opportunities beneath native mesquite canopies
Restoration Ecology 29: e13334
Gornish ES, Ganjurjav H, Liang M, Simonis JL, McClaran MP

54. Rainfall pulses mediate long-term plant community dynamics in a semi-arid rangeland
Journal of Applied Ecology 58: 708-717
​Liang M, Feng X, Gornish ES

53.  Integration of grazing and herbicide application to manage Barb Goatgrass (Aegilops triuncialis L.) and Medusahead (Elymus caput-medusae L.) in pasture and rangelands
California Agriculture 75: 83-89
​Bean T, Davy J, Kyser G, Gornish ES


​52. Restoration, soil microbes and soil processes: emerging approaches
Restoration Ecology 28: S307-S310
Farrell H, Leger A, Breed MF, Gornish ES

51. General attributes and practice of ecological restoration in Arizona and California, USA revealed by restoration stakeholder surveys
Restoration Ecology 28: 1296-1307
Li YM, Gornish ES

50. The use of spatially-patterned methods for vegetation restoration and management across systems
Restoration Ecology 28: 766-775
Shaw J, Roche LM, Gornish ES

49. Restoration at the landscape scale as a means of mitigation and adaptation to climate change
Current Landscape Ecology Reports 5:85-97
Von Holle B, Yelenik S, Gornish ES

48. Buffelgrass invasion and glyphosate effects on desert soil microbiome communities
Biological Invasions 22:2587-2597
Gornish ES, Rowe J, Franklin K, Barberan A

47. Disturbance is more important than seeding or grazing in determining soil microbial communities in a semi-arid grassland

Restoration Ecology 28: S335- S343

Farrell H, Barberan A, Fehmi J, Danielson R, and Gornish ES

46. Warming and precipitation addition interact to affect plant spring phenology in alpine meadows on the central Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau

Agriculture and Forest Meteorology 287: 107943

Qingzhu G, Gornish ES, Schwartz M, Fan W, Ganjurjav H, and Yue L

45. Bridging the research-implementation gap in weed management on California rangelands

Rangeland Ecology & Management 73: 348-357

Li YM, Roche LM, and Gornish ES

44. Practitioner Insights into Weed Management on California's Rangelands and Natural Areas

Environmental Management 65: 212-219

Schohr T, Gornish ES, Woodmansee G, Shaw J, Tate KW, and Roche LM


43. Rainfall regulation of grazed grasslands

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116: 15399

Liang M, Gornish ES

42. Pennisetum ciliaris: a review of treatment efficacy, competitive traits, and restoration opportunities

Invasive Plant Science and Management 12:203-213

Farrell HL, Gornish ES

41. Differential resistance and resilience of functional groups to livestock grazing maintain ecosystem stability in an alpine steppe on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau

Journal of Environmental Management 251: 109579

Ganjurjav H, Zhang Y, Gornish ES, Hu G, Li Y, Wan Y, Gao Q

40. Increased soil temperature and decreased precipitation during early life stages constrain grass seedling recruitment in cold desert restoration

Journal of Applied Ecology 56:2609-2619

James JJ, Sheley RL, Leger EA, Adler PB, Hardegree SP, Gornish ES, and Rinella MJ

39. Review of seed pelletizing strategies for arid land restoration

Restoration Ecology 27: 1206-1211

Gornish ES, Arnold H, and Fehmi F

38. Foliar nutrient content mediates grazing effects on species dominance and plant community biomass

Rangeland Ecology & Management 72: 899-906

Liang M, Chen J, Gornish ES, Mariotte P, and Liang C

37. Using strip seeding to test how restoration design affects randomness of community assembly

Restoration Ecology 27: 1199-1205

Gornish ES, Shaw J, Gillespie BM

36. The use of strip-seeding for management of two late-season invasive plants

Heliyon 5: e01772

Dechen Silva A, LM Roche, and Gornish ES


35. Temperature leads to changes of plant community composition in alpine meadow and steppe on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 190: 585

Hasbagan H, Gornish ES, Qingzhu G, Guozheng H, Yunfan W, Yue L, and Luobu D

34. Livestock grazing and topographic site effects on grassland plant communities after long-term grazing cessation

The Rangeland Journal  40: 577-582

Gornish ES, Eastburn DJ, Oneto S and Roche LM

33. The value of Cooperative Extension for involving society in restoration and conservation

Restoration Ecology 26: 1051 - 1054

Gornish ES and Roche LM

32. Grazing effects on grasslands escalated by abnormal precipitation in Inner Mongolia

Ecology and Evolution 8: 8187-8169

Liang M, Chen J, Gornish ES, Bai X, Li Z, and Liang C

31. A systematic review of management efforts on goatgrass (Aegilops spp) dominance

Plant Ecology 219: 549-560

Gornish ES, Case E, Valle M, Bean TM, and Moore-O'Leary KA

30. Seeding plants for long-term multiple ecosystem service goals

Journal of Environmental Management 211: 191-197

Eastburn DJ, Roche LM, Doran MP, Blake PR, Bouril CS, Gamble G, and Gornish ES


29. Emerging approaches to successful ecological restoration: five imperatives to guide innovation

Restoration Ecology 25: S110- S113

Matzek V, Gornish ES, and Hulvey KB

28. Restoration islands: A tool for efficiently restoring dryland ecosystems

Restoration Ecology 25: S124-S134

Hulvey KD, Leger E, Porensky LM, Roche LM, Veblen KE, Fund A, Shaw J, and Gornish ES

27. Cooperative Extension holds the key to unlocking public engagement within science

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 15: 487-488

Gornish ES and Roche LM

26. Seeded forages for California annual rangeland

California Agriculture 71: 239-248

Davy J, Turri T, Dykier K, and Gornish ES

25. Comparison of herbaceous plant response to active and passive riparian restoration in a Mediterranean climate

PLoS ONE 12: e0176338

Gornish ES, Lennox MR, Lewis D, Tate KW, and Jackson RD

24. Initiating & managing long-term data with amateur scientists

American Biology Teacher 79: 28-34

Ryan WH, Gornish ES, Christenson L, Halpern S, Henderson S, LeBuhn G, and Miller TE


23. Associations between an invasive plant (Taeniatherum caput-medusae, medusahead) and soil microbial communities

PLoS ONE 11: e0163930

Gornish ES, Fierer N, and Barberan A

22. Interactions among habitat, management, and demography for an invasive annual grass

Plant Ecology 217:1247-1258

Gornish ES, and James JJ

21. Practitioner perspectives on using non-native plants for revegetation

California Agriculture 70: 194-199

Gornish ES, Brusati E, and Johnson D

20. Differential response of alpine steppe and alpine meadow to climate warming in the central Tibetan Plateau

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 23:233-240

Ganjurjav H, Gao Q, Gornish ES, Schwartz M, Liand Y, Cao X, Zhang W, Zhang Y, Li W, Wan Y, Li Y, Danjiu L, Guo H, and Lin E

19. Invasive species cover, soil type and grazing interact to predict long-term grassland restoration success

Restoration Ecology 24: 222-229

Gornish ES, and Ambrozio dos Santos P.


18. The value of oak woodland habitats as control for Medusahead (Taeniatherum caput-medusae)

Proceedings of the Seventh California Oak Symposium: Managing Oak Woodlands in a Dynamic World, November 3-6, 2014, Visalia, CA. USDA Forest Service General Technical Report PSW-GTR-251, 579 p.

Gornish ES, James JJ and Laca EA015

17. Across the horizon: Scale effects in global change research

AoB PLANTS 7: plv079

Gornish ES, and Leuzinger S

16. Climate-driven diversity loss in a grassland community

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 112:8672-8677

Harrison S, Gornish ES and Copeland S

15. Plant community responses to simultaneous changes in temperature, nitrogen availability, and invasion

PLoS ONE 10:e0123715

Gornish ES and Miller TE

14. Managing medusahead (Taeniatherum caput-medusae) on rangeland: A meta analysis of control efforts and assessment of stakeholder needs

Rangeland Ecology & Management 68:215-223

James JJ, Gornish ES, DiTomaso JM, Davy J, Doran M, Becchetti T, Wilson R, Lile D and Laca E

13. Positive species interactions as drivers of vegetation change on a barrier island

Journal of Coastal Research 31: 17-24

Monge J, and Gornish ES

12. Altered snowfall influences early life stage transitions and recruitment of a native and invasive grass in a cold desert

Oecologia 177: 595 – 606

Gornish ES, James JJ, Sheley RL, Rinella MJ, Svecar T, Englund SD and Aanderud ZT


11. Interactive effects of global change and invasion across levels of organization in an old field plant community

AoB PLANTS 6: plu061

Gornish ES

10. Demographic effects of warming, elevated soil nitrogen, and native community reduction on the colonization of a perennial plant

Population Ecology 5: 645-656

Gornish ES

9. Testing mechanisms of the intermediate disturbance hypothesis in saxicolous lichen communities

Ecology 95: 306 – 315 

Pastore A, Prather C, Gornish ES, Ryan C, Ellis R and Miller TE

8. Do foliar traits predict how plants respond to warming? A meta analysis

Journal of Vegetation Science 25: 919 – 927

Gornish ES, and Prather C


7. Effects of density and fire on the vital rates and population growth of a perennial Goldenaster


Gornish ES

6. Plant community response to global climate change at different scales: A review

American Journal of Botany 100: 1-13

Gornish ES and Tylianakis J

5. Using long-term census data to inform restoration methods of coastal dune vegetation

Estuaries & Coasts 36: 1014 – 1023

Gornish ES and Miller TE

4. Interdisciplinary climate change collaborations are essential for early-career scientists

EOS, Transactions American Geophysical Union 94: 151 

Gornish ES, Hamilton JA, Barberan A, Benito BM, Binzer A, DeMeester JE, Gruwez R, Moreira B, Taheri S, Tomiolo S, Vinagre C, Vuarin P and Weaver J


3. Moving forward in global-change ecology: capitalizing on natural variability

Ecology and Evolution 3: 170 – 181

Ibanez I, Gornish ES, Buckley L, Debinski D, Hellmann J, Helmuth B, Latimer A, Miller Rushing A and Uriarte M


2. Effects of storm frequency on dune vegetation

Global Change Biology 16: 2668 – 2675

Gornish ES and Miller TE

1. Climate and coastal dune vegetation: disturbance recovery and succession

Plant Ecology 206: 97 – 104

Miller TE, Gornish ES and Buckley H

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